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Web Development
Many Web developers are strong technically but not as strong creatively. With CB3media you get both. CB3 has worked online since the days of bulletin boards, prior to today's websites. Yet, CB3 has the reputation as a strong communicator who can develop your website, not just taking technical aspects into consideration but looking at the whole package - the writing, editing, design, user friendliness along with your branding and marketing concerns. After overseeing the NC Bar Association's Web site, CB3 went back to school to learn more of the hands-on technical aspects. Since then, CB3 has developed numerous Web sites and worked on updating and maintenance of Web sites. One redesigned Web site, pictured below, won a national award for Most Improved Web site while another was honored for Best New Web site and another honored for Best Content & Writing. CB3 also has a team of professionals that can assist when needed. In addition, CB3 works with Web hosts and network security professionals that can also assist you at the best rates available. CB3 believes in clean sites that are intuitive and that keep it as simple as possible. Contact us to see how we can help.

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CB3 has designed and overseen websites, as he did for several years at the NC Bar Association (the site has since been updated) and developed Web sites from the ground up, as with the NC Press Association website (CB3 no longer maintains that site). He has developed, maintained and operated the growing in popularity www.capitalsportsnc.com website since 2010. To see other websites developed and designed by CB3, please go to the Work Examples page.



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