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Media Relations
Media relations is really the same as public relations - you just work through the media to reach your public audience. However, the media is the gatekeeper and is understandably skeptical of PR types. So, it's helpful to have someone on your side who has been a member of the media and can work with them in a respectful and straightforward manner so your needs and the needs of the media are both met. That's where CB3media can help. Whether you need an entire media/public relations program built or simply need news releases produced (email contact is preferred by most media today) or other outreach to the media, CB3media is there for you. Contact us so we can provide you with award-winning service.
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CB3 has been on both sides of the media and has worked with newspapers, magazines, TV news, radio news and online outlets. CB3 has put together media packets, produced many news releases and has even spoken nationally on the topic of effective media relations and media training.

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