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Off the cuff: Hank Nichols, the director of officials, said at halftme that "If we called every foul in the post, we'd have no game." They basically call fouls that give a player a definite advantage. Basketball used to be considered a non-contact sport. A good deal of those inside fouls need to be called as they take their toll on a player eventually even if they don't give an immediate "definite advantage."

Coach Williams seems to like getting seldom-used Will Graves in the game in the first half. I suspect that he believes the Heels may need him at some point in a close game later in the season if there is foul trouble or the Heels need a three-pointer.

I was glad to see palming called in the previous game several times but it wasn't called once in this game even though players palmed often.

Woody made his fourth "air ball" call of the season. Speaking of announcers, when did the term "skip pass" become so popular? I had heard it rarely in the past but I hear it all the time now. They used to just call it a "cross-court pass." What changed?

Heels 106, Quakers 71
Hansbrough, Carolina offense take toll on Penn

Penn held tough with Carolina for the first 13 minutes, trailing only 29-26, but Danny Green gave the Tar Heels a lift and Tyler Hansbrough got in a groove inside as UNC led by 13 at the break and 35 at game's end. The 106-71 victory ups the No. 1 Heels to 8-0 going into exam break.

Hansbrough responded to razzing by the Penn students by scoring a season-high 29 points and hauling down 10 rebounds. It was his fourth double-double of the season and third in a row. Green scored 19 points and had four steals in only 19 minutes of play.

During the late first-half run, Green stole a pass and went in for a layup to put the Heels up 32-26. Another Green steal, as the Tar Heels put on some full court pressure, led to a layup to put the Heels up 44-32, the largest lead up to that point.

After an energetic 17-6 run to start the second half, making it 67-43, the rout was on. The Tar Heels shot 67 percent in the second half. The Quakers shot well in the first half but delivered on just three of 19 three-point shots for the game.

Key concerns include allowing easy buckets on defense and Ty Lawson getting in foul trouble once again - picking up his fourth foul with 8:38 still left in the game. Obviously neither problem hurt this game but they could hurt later against tougher opponents. Penn is a young, inexperienced team with a poor 2-7 record.

Five Tar Heels scored in double figures, led by Hansbrough and Green. Ty Lawson scored 14 while Wynnewood, Pa's Wayne Ellington, playing his "hometown" game, had 13. It was Ellington's worst game however as he shot only five of 13 and missed both three-point attempts. He struggled early and seemed uncomfortable. He admitted to being nervous in front of family and friends. Deon Thompson got his first double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds.

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