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Off the cuff: Coach Roy Williams did not like his team's play or at least he says he did not like his team's play against Oral Roberts. I didn't think the Heels played all that bad. They shot 54 percent from the field. Deon Thompson scored a career high. Ty Lawson had only one turnover. They led by 16-20 points most of the game. They survived a guy throwing in threes from Honduras. I thought it was a pretty good effort - especially coming off exams.

My friend John Maddrey got some air time as Hansbrough banged into the scorer's table. Maddrey, a Raleigh attorney, works stats for ESPN whenever that network is covering a game in the area. His monitor was knocked over but survived. Hansbrough's knee was gashed. Just another nagging injury for Hansbrough. Speaking of injuries, Danny Green got five stitches above his eye but is expected to play Thursday.

The announcers - Mike Patrick and Len Elmore - are two of the better announcers. It was nice to hear a play-by-play guy have strong opinions - like when Patrick dissed Terrell Owens. Not exactly sure how that came up but he lit into him nonetheless. Among other things he said was that "There could be a bigger jerk that T.O. but I honestly can't think of one... Some people are out for themselves and that's it."

Among many excellent comments during the game, Elmore extolled the virtues of staying in school all four years. He said that Hansbrough's run at several records is "a celebration of guys staying the full four years. Not only do you improve your game but you make a mark here at Carolina that will be everlasting." Amen Len.

Years ago, I worked with Elmore on a public service video aimed primarily at black kids who put everything on the slim chance that they'll be a professional athlete rather than putting more time into academics. I wrote the PSA before meeting Elmore and he rightly came in at the last hour and changed it to sound more like himself.

I appreciate Elmore's dedication to his race. However, I disagree with his putting the Texas Western victory over Kentucky in 1966 as the greatest college game of all time. It gets a little exasperating when everything revolves around race. Just because Texas Western started five black players doesn't make the actual game one of the best games in college history. Not sure where I would rank that game but it probably wouldn't make the Top 10. But a game Elmore played in - the 1974 Maryland vs. NC State ACC tournament game - would be up there, perhaps at No. 1. I'm not really all that sure how important the 1966 game was socially because it was just a matter of time as more black athletes were recruited to play in college.

In explaining his Texas Western choice, Elmore said that it "destroyed all the stereotypes whispered" about players of color. Speaking of stereotypes, it might be an even bigger story if an all-white team won the NCAA tournament this year. But of course a big deal would not be made about that - other than to say something like, "These guys aren't the best athletes but they work hard and give it all they have as a team."

By the way, I also disagree with Elmore's choice for the second best game where he picked Duke's last-second victory over Kentucky in the 1992 regional when Laettner hit that dramatic shot. I watched that game at a bar and was more interested in looking at a cocktail waitress until the very end. Yes, it would make my list of best finishes but the game itself was fairly forgettable. Of course, I also forget what the cocktail waitressed looked like.

Halftime analyst Jimmy Dykes made some comments that proved he doesn't know a lot about the history of UNC basketball (even though he spent some time as an assistant coach at Appalachian State). He said, "(Hanbrough's) a guy who has such a great communication and relationship with Roy Williams that he will take himself out of a ballgame" when he's tired. Dean Smith started that tradition years ago - any player can take themselves out when they are tired and will be allowed to go back in when rested. Pretty much every UNC player does that so that's not what makes Hansbrough special. And it's also not just because he works hard, although he does. Don't let anyone fool you, just because he isn't always pretty making a shot, he is a very good athlete. How many times have you heard people say things like "Hansbrough isn't the best athlete but he works hard and gives it all he's got." I wonder how that would go over in the world of academia if someone said that a black person wasn't the smartest student but he works hard and gives it all he's got. Stereotypes indeed, Mr. Elmore.

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Heels 100, Golden Eagles 84
Hansbrough closing in on all-time scoring record
Tyler Hansbrough, who now needs just nine points to become the leading scorer in UNC history, tallied 26 and the Heels ran away with a 100-84 victory at home against Oral Roberts. (12/13)

Carolina led just 14-12 early in the game. After a steal and snow-bird layup by Bobby Frasor made it 16-12, Oral Roberts' coach Scott Sutton took a timeout with 14:30 left in the half.

It didn't help.

If fact, Hansbrough, who had yet to score, scored nine points in less than three minutes and the Heels led 27-14 at the second TV timeout.

A short jumper in the lane by Deon Thompson upped the margin to 15 at 29-14. Oral Roberts made a little run that got the score within eight at 33-25.

But a Wayne Ellington three from the top of the key and a Thompson turn-around jumper and free throw stopped the run and put the Heels back in control at 39-25.

Carolina worked the lead to 54-34 at the half behind 15 points from Hansbrough and 13 from Thompson.

The lead got as high as 24 and as low as 14 in the second half as the game was never really in doubt.

The only real question in the second half was whether Hansbrough, playing in his first home game this season, could get the points he needed to break Phil Ford's UNC career scoring record. With the Heels up 93-71 with less than five minutes to play, Coach Roy Williams took Hansbrough out nine points short.

Barring something strange, Hansbrough will break the record at home Thursday night against Evansville .

Coach Williams said Hansbrough is the least conditioned he's been and that he didn't think Hansbrough played that well. In fact, he wasn't particularly happy with UNC's play.

“That's the least efficient we've been,” Coach Williams said of his 9-0 Heels. “We were not harp.”

Carolina has practiced only twice in nine days during exam break. Coach Williams said the Heels did not play well defensively and were out-rebounded for the first time this season.

Thompson, who did manage to pull down eight rebounds, played well offensively as he scored on 10 of his 11 shots for a career-high 22 points. Ty Lawson scored 18 points while Danny Green, who came out to get five stitches on his face, added 12. Wayne Ellington chipped in 10.

Robert Jarvis kept the Golden Eagles respectable with 26 points, most of which were tossed in from well outside the three-point line.

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