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Off the cuff: This didn't look like a college game. It looked like an NBA game - and that's not a compliment. The Miami Hurricanes looked like the Miami Heat and acted like them too.

There is obviously a big culture difference between Miami and Chapel HIll and it reflected in this game. Miami is an NBA town while Chapel Hill is a college town.

Miami was smiling and laughing and playing undisciplined for the sake of having fun and rubbing it in.

While Miami has the experience and talent to win the regular season in the ACC, it doesn't look much like a college team. That made this game not enjoyable, not only for Tar Heel fans, but for those who prefer the college game over the NBA game.

If more college teams were able to rack up 58 percent of three pointers on 26 attempts, there might be some talk about moving the line back or getting rid of the three-point shot.

When the three-point shot was added to college basketball, I wrongly thought it would keep the little man, the under 6 foot player, in the game.

Today you've got 6-foot-9 guys regularly draining threes. You've got teams taking so many threes that they could defeat the other team just on the points they get from beyond the arc. In fact, Miami had 10 three pointers in the first half, good for 30 points while the Tar Heels had only 27 points at the half.

Even if Carolina had been the team taking so many three pointers and hitting 15 of them, it would not have been enjoyable to watch - unless you like the NBA game I suppose.

By the way, did you think the one-time uniforms (let's hope they were one-time uniforms) made the Tar Heels look like the Smurfs?


Miami 87, Tar Heels 61
Miami NBAs UNC with hot-doggin' 'n 3s

With members of the Miami Heat in attendance, the Miami Hurricanes looked like an NBA team high flyin' over the Tar Heels, knocking in three pointers and smiling all the way to an 87-61 victory. (2/9)

The Hurricanes, who got off to a quick 13-2 lead, banged in 15 three pointers including hitting nine of 10 at one point in the game including five straight to put the game out of reach.

With six minutes left in the first half the Tar Heels had clawed back to within seven at 22-15. But Miami went on a 17-8 run, during which time the Heat, er, Hurricanes hit five straight threes to make it 39-23.

Down 44-27 after a Kenny Kadji three at the half, it only got worse for the Tar Heels. The largest deficit of the game came with just over a minute to play when Miami went up 85-57 following a Durand Scott three.

"They were hitting on a lot of cylinders," UNC coach Roy Williams said. "We didn't have any answers."

He noted that Shane Larkin, son of former major leaguer Barry Larkin, dominated the game. Not only did Larkin hit five threes on his way to 18 points, but he bounced an assist off the backboard a la an NBA all-star game to rub salt in Carolina's wounds.

The Tar Heels shot 38 percent, compared to 54 percent for the Hurricanes. Carolina was outrebounded by nine, had just 10 assists and turned the ball over 11 times. In addition, the Tar Heels shot only six free throw shots, including none in the first half.

Reggie Bullock led the Tar Heels with 14 points and eight rebounds while PJ Hairston and Leslie McDonald came in off the bench for 11 and 10 points respectively.

It was a tough game for James Michael McAdoo who was only three of 12 for six points and he committed four turnovers.

It doesn't get any easier for the Tar Heels (16-7, 6-4) who play at Duke Wednesday night.

First-place Miami remains unbeaten in the ACC with a 10-0 record.


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