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Off the cuff: Wasn't this supposed to be a three-point shooting team? Carolina only shot 15 threes against Miami and hit only six of them.

Unless McAdoo is going to take over games the way Hansbrough and Zeller did, the Tar Heels are going to have to shoot (and hit) more threes.

The problem of course is that all it takes is for a couple of guys to be cold from outside and you lose. Only three UNC players took threes against Miami with Bullock going 3 of 8, Hairston going 1 of 4 and Paige going 2 of 3.

Of course the Tar Heels were without Leslie McDonald, who was sitting out with a knee injury. No one else took up the slack.

McAdoo, who hit only 5 of 14 shots, should be hitting 55 percent of his shots. That's what Tyler Zeller shot when he was at Carolina and the so-called experts think McAdoo is better than Zeller.

Bullock took 16 shots and hit only four of them while Strickland took only one shot the whole game and missed it.


Miami 68, Tar Heels 59
Carolina falls to 0-2 in ACC play

For the second time in a week, North Carolina took a small lead into the half, stayed close in the second half and withered at the end to lose by nine points in an ACC contest as Miami topped UNC 68-59. (1/10)

It is only the fourth time that UNC has started the ACC season with two losses and only the second time Miami has ever won in Chapel Hill.

The Heels, behind Reggie Bullock's nine points, shot 48 percent in the first half, leading by as many as six points before settling for a 32-30 halftime lead.

Five minutes into the second half the Tar Heels still led but Miami's Kenny Kadji came alive with a three-point shot and a dunk to put the Hurricanes up 45-42.

A Bullock tip-in, his only points of the second half, tied the score at 48 with just over 10 minutes to play. Carolina took a 50-48 lead on a Brice Johnson 12-footer.

However, a pair of three pointers by Rion Brown put Miami up 54-52 and the Tar Heels would never lead again.

A P.J. Hairston three drew the Heels to within a point at 56-55 with just under five minutes to play but Miami went on an 8-0 run to salt it away.

The Tar Heels shot only 33 percent in the second half and managed only six of 15 threes. Miami shot 48 percent in the second half and hit nine of 26 threes.

The Tar Heels, now 10-5 and 0-2 in the ACC, travels to Florida State Saturday.


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