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Off the cuff: P.J. Hairston was feeling it - hitting four threes in less than four minutes. Then, he was really feeling it after crashing into Dexter Strickland while defending a shot.

It didn't look that bad at first but he was very slow getting up and then he was dead weight, obviously needing to be carted off.

Hopefully he'll be back in a game or two. You have to figure though with all the attention concussions have gotten, he will miss some action.

Reggie Bullock will have to stay out of foul trouble for sure if Hairston is out any at all. Leslie McDonald still has one game left to serve of his suspension so that makes Bullock's outside shooting even more important.

Jackson Simmons, who was seldom used earlier in the season, saw 21 minutes of playing time against Boston College. He went four of five for eight points and pulled down four rebounds.


Tar Heels 82, Boston College 70
Hairston nails 3s, then gets nailed in win

North Carolina's P.J. Hairston nailed four of four three-point shots to give a big lead to the Tar Heels, who went on to an 82-70 victory at Boston College - but not before he suffered a concussion. (1/29)

Hairston, with four minutes left in the first half, collided with teammate Dexter Strickland and was in pain on the floor for quite a while. He was woozy and had to be carted off the court. When he went down, the Tar Heels led by 12 at 38-26 and when the game ended the Tar Heels led by 12.

Hairston scored 14 points, including three triples during a 1:42 time span, before going down.

Up 48-33, the Tar Heels never led by more than 18 or fewer than 10 the rest of the way.

In addition to Hairston going down, Reggie Bullock and Dexter Strickland had some foul trouble.

UNC coach Roy Williams said that the team pulled together even harder after Hairston was injured, and handled the adversity of the injury and foul trouble really well.

James Michael McAdoo led the Heels with 17 points and 10 rebounds. Strickland, who went six of six from the foul line, finished with 14 points.

The Tar Heels shot 48 percent from the floor, including seven of 13 from beyond the three-point line. "We made shots we had to have," said Williams, who was also pleased with the Heels' 37-26 rebounding edge.

While it was confirmed that he had a concussion, Hairston was treated at the arena and did not have to go to the hospital. It's not yet known about his availability for the next two games at home, hosting Virginia Tech Saturday and Wake Forest on Tuesday. However, after the game, Hairston tweeted "Thanks to everyone for the support, I'm okay just a very very bad headache."

The Tar Heels move to 14-6 and 4-3 in the ACC while the Eagles fall to 9-11 and 1-6 in the league.


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