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Off the cuff: t's amusing that Maryland coach Mark Turgeon made a big deal about John Henson dunking with one second left on the clock. He said, "I didn't like the dunk... It was between me and Coach (Williams). I didn’t like it. Coach knows that. There’s no need for it. But we are going to be good soon. It comes around.”

This from a guy who got ejected, not just given a technical but got thrown out of the Terrapins last game. This from a guy who was seen cussing and appearing on camera to take the Lord's name in vain during this game.

This from the coach of the team that had Greivis Vasquez hot doggin', trash talkin' and running up the score on Carolina two years ago in a 92-71 victory by the Terps over the Heels. I know this is his first year as Maryland's coach but before he starts yackin' about things coming back around to bite you, maybe he should learn a little about the recent Maryland-UNC rivalry.

Henson was on the floor when Vasquez was celebrating in the Tar Heels faces with several minutes left on the clock two seasons ago. He heard the Maryland fans mock the Heels with the chant, "N.I.T., N.I.T., N.I.T." What goes around comes around indeed.

Even Terrell "The Ball Hog" Stoglin got in on it by saying, "I felt it was a bad play, personally." Stoglin takes a third of his team's shots and in this game took more than twice as many shots as anyone else on the team. He took 21 shots, including missing eight of nine threes. After a while, maybe you should give the three a rest, especially in a close game. No other Terrapin shot the ball more than eight times. I feel that is bad, personally.

For his part, instead of reminding the media about Vasquez and the N.I.T. chants or taking shots at his former assistant at Kansas, Coach Roy Williams took the high road. "It's not a big deal - they're kids," Williams said. "I probably would have liked it better if John hadn't gone in and dunked it. The guy (Alex Len) was trying to block his shot. If they were standing out at the center line I would have really been disappointed at John. That's because of my feelings for Turge that I didn't want it to end like that."

If you go back and look at the play, Maryland was pressing full court down by seven points with 12 seconds left. If they hadn't done that, the dunk never would have happened. Then, if Maryland's Pe'shon Howard had done anything at all besides wave at Henson as he went by, there would have been no dunk. Why press full court and then allow someone to go right by you for a dunk. Makes no sense.

I don't like running the score up on somebody but winning by nine rather than seven isn't running up the score. What Maryland did to Carolina two years ago was running up the score.

In addition, I'm not a fan of games ending with teams dribbling the ball real high or holding the ball for 10 seconds while players wallk off the court and shake hands and the clock is still running. I'd rather see teams play until the final buzzer. I bet Maryland will next time and that's ok with me.

As for Maryland fans booing the dunk at the end of the game, they yelled "F--- Carolina" the entire game, including one guy during the national anthem, who yelled "F--- UNC." And they thought it was inappropriate to dunk at the end of the game?

Tar Heels 83, Maryland 74
Heels clamp down, come back to win

Down nine early in the second half, North Carolina clamped down defensively, used an 11-2 run to tie it and took a lead with nine minutes left that the Tar Heels would never relinquish as the Heels won 83-74 at Maryland. (2/4) Click for a photo gallery.

"We really felt good in the lockerroom after a tough, tough win," UNC coach Roy Williams said. "We made some shots down the stretch but defensively we were really good in the second half."

Maryland, which led 40-37 at the half and 49-39 with 17 minutes left, shot only 38 percent in the second half as the Heels defense got more aggressive.

That aggression almost cost the Heels as Tyler Zeller missed eight minutes sitting with four fouls and Marshall picked up his fourth foul with eight minutes left.

Harrison Barnes took over the scoring load after Zeller left the game with nearly 12 minutes left and the Heels down two. Down five, Barnes hit a long two and then John Henson got a dunk on a nice assist from Kendall Marshall. Then, Barnes drilled a three from the left wing to give the Heels a 59-57 lead with 9:15 to go.

While the game remained close until the last minute, the Heels would never trail again.

Following a Carolina timeout with 1:17 left, the Heels set up a play for Barnes, who banged in a contested jumper from 18 feet away on the right side to give UNC a 76-70 victory. Free throws by Zeller and Barnes in the last 30 seconds wrapped it up.

After turning the ball over five times in the first half, Marshall turned it over only once in the second half and finished with 16 assists.

Despite playing only 22 minutes, Zeller led all scorers with 22 points. Barnes finished with 18 points while Henson had 17 points and 12 rebounds. Reggie Bullock, got contributed a big follow shot late in the game, also got into double figures with 11 points.

Maryland, which was led by Terrell Stoglin's 20 points, falls to 13-9 and 4-4 in the ACC.

The Tar Heels, now 20-3 and 7-1, plays at home against Duke, also 7-1 in the league, Wednesday night.


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